As the home of my family and many of my businesses, Connecticut holds a special place in my heart. And one of the things that makes it so special to me is how many unsung heroes I have been fortunate enough to meet and help support over the years. I had that opportunity again recently when I visited the North Haven Fire Department to present them with a LUCAS Chest Compression System.

While there, I learned that of the 4,500 calls for help from North Haven residents the department receives, over half of them are medical emergencies, including cardiac emergencies. TF speaks to Group

That is a tremendous need that needs to be met, and I am honored to know that when the men and women from the department respond to emergency calls my gift can enhance the lifesaving tactics that may be needed from them. I’m happy to be able to provide a tool that will help save someone’s life in the North Haven community for years to come.

As I have said many times, I feel a great responsibility to continually give back to the community I am fortunate enough to call home, as it has given so much to me and my family.

I encourage you to find a local cause where you can support the unsung heroes in your community, whether it be with your time or with donations. We can all make a difference in this world and one great way is to give continually back to the communities that have helped build and shape us.

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