Franchisees like Larry help make the Edible Arrangements franchise a success. Bringing decades of knowledge and experience to the table, Larry is someone who “gets it”—and because of that, his growing San Diego-area enterprise continues to be a successful business venture. We were very excited to start the year off right by officially announcing Larry’s expansion to a sixth location in Riverside, California.

I enjoy Larry’s unique perspective on the business, which comes from his 40+ years of developing businesses from conception to implementation, as an entrepreneur and general manager. He is one of the hardest working and passionate business owners I know. Larry is a tremendous asset to Edible Arrangements and to the communities for which he services. He knows how to ‘wow’ every customer and received the ‘Customer Service Award’ at the annual Edible Arrangements convention last year.

Larry’s expansion to the Riverside store demonstrates qualities that I see over and over again in our most thriving franchisees, including the ability to adapt and learn, as well as to build a growing customer base. I count him among the exemplary franchisees in the Edible Arrangements system, and wish him continued success in his endeavors.

Tariq Farid and Larry at the EA Convention
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