In the earliest days of Edible Arrangements, before it even became an official tag line, I set out with one simple goal in mind: To WOW my customers. And that’s why to this day, I find it so gratifying to see franchisees who continue that tradition.

One such franchisee is Rory Friedland, owner of our stores in Plainview and Port Washington, New York. Witnessing he and his employees, and the energy they put into WOWing their guests, really took me back to the beginning.

In those early days, people didn’t even know who we were yet; they hadn’t come to fall in love with our product yet, as they were just hearing about it. People would ask about our company, and question our product because it was so new. It took time and dedicated customer service to win them over, and to ensure that the business would not only survive, but thrive. We guaranteed our guests we would WOW them, and offered to do whatever it took to achieve that end.

I still remember what it took to win those early guests over, and how dedicated I was to WOWing them. I see that same dedication in franchisees like Rory Friedland and his staff. They are holding true to the original mission of Edible Arrangements, which is so near and dear to my heart. And I’ve seen this in Rory right from the very start, when we first got together to open his first store. Today, he’s a multiple-unit owner, and has never lost sight of that original spark.

Rory’s hard work and dedication is commendable. And for that, I congratulate both he and his staff, and I thank them sincerely. I would also suggest that it is this very dedication to achieving that WOW that has helped make Rory the successful franchisee he is today.

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