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Edible Arrangements Opens in India, China next week

posted by Tariq Farid December 2, 2011

Edible Arrangements’ first location in the Republic of India opened its doors on November 10, 2011. Partners Hiten and Avinash signed a Master Franchisee agreement for the development of 20 units throughout India. In partnership with Ishna, Hiten and Avinash oversee development of additional stores in the enterprise while Ishna and her husband run the daily operations in the store.

Hiten operates a live communications agency in Dubai, UAE, that specializes in building brand visibility by producing distinctive, unique high-profile events for his clients. He decided to investigate the Edible Arrangements brand when he saw a van on one of the busiest roads in Dubai and visited a store. I have heard this more than once – that the eye-catching artwork that depicts our unique fruit arrangements attracts curious would-be customers – and the next thing you know, they want to buy not just an arrangement, but a franchise!

Hiten began his journey toward becoming the master franchisee for India by using Edible Arrangements’ services for corporate events for his clients in Dubai. When he saw the reception our products got in Dubai he knew instantly that the unique Edible Arrangements concept would work in India. India is growing at a rapid pace, and the Indian population is becoming increasingly global. He enlisted his longtime friend and associate, Avinash, a real estate developer, to join him in the venture. Together the two friends in Dubai met Ishna, who was interested in the Edible Arrangements brand, and the partnership was formed.

When discussing the culture and people of India, Hiten admits, “A book wouldn’t be enough.” India has 28 states and 7 territories and each of these has different languages, eating habits, lifestyles, dressing, ethnic groups and more. One common thread in India’s rich and diverse culture is the fact that Indians in general celebrate various festivals all year round, not just national or religious festivals but also personal celebrations such as the birth of a baby, a marriage, an anniversary, a housewarming – what we at Edible Arrangements call “the times of their lives.” Indians celebrate in a large lavish manner and the partners believe that this is where Edible Arrangements’ unique offerings will be a fresh change. Hiten adds, “Edible Arrangements provides something other than the usual sweets or delicacies when healthy living is becoming more of a universal change in India. Plus, anything new and unheard of or unseen always works and catches on like fire!” Hiten, Avinash and Ishna believe that establishing Edible Arrangements could result in a revolutionary lifestyle change for people to shift from their usual highly sugared desserts.

I’m excited about bringing the Edible Arrangements concept to India, and in fact, I am on my way to the grand opening celebrations for our newest store in Beijing, our first store in China. Coincidently, this master franchisee was also one who spotted our van when he was visiting in the US. He actually followed it back to the store to learn more about where to buy an arrangement, and after buying one to surprise his wife, she surprised him by suggesting he buy a franchise. Stay tuned for more about the China grand opening in the next week . . . .

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Sisters Expand their Enterprise to Minneapolis, MN

posted by Tariq Farid August 19, 2011

Sisters Claudine and Laurie, owners of the Roseville, MN store have just signed an agreement to open an Edible Arrangements store in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They brought a combination of business experience, talent and enthusiasm to their first store, opened in 2006, that is sure to make them successful in their expansion. I know firsthand how gratifying it can be working with family – I started my first business with the help of my parents, and worked with family members over the years in the floral industry, our computer technology companies, and still today at Edible Arrangements!

Like most siblings, Claudine and Laurie share many of the same likes and interests – golf, the Minnesota Twins, and traveling. They also have a good natured debate going on about how they first heard about Edible Arrangements. Laurie says she saw an advertisement in a magazine. Claudine says one of her clients received an Apple Blossom arrangement, and Claudine was so impressed she contacted the store to learn about franchising opportunities. The debate goes on, but their mother thinks she has the answer: Mom insists that the daughters heard about Edible Arrangements through her after she saw the company on the Food Network!

Claudine and Laurie bring a wide range of business skills to their enterprise. Before opening their first Edible Arrangements store Claudine spent over 10 years designing commercial space and selling business owners everything they needed to set up their business. She was also a construction manager for a scenic construction company that designed and built interiors for the Rainforest Café Restaurants and scenery for Betty Crocker, Relax the Back Stores, the WNBA Hall of Fame in Nashville, Disney World, Mall of America and Times Square. In addition to her experience as an EA franchisee, Laurie has many years of office management, volunteer coordination, fundraising, bookkeeping and Human Resources experience in a variety of mid to small organizations and non-profit settings.

I know that these complementary skills will continue to serve Claudine and Laurie well running their Edible Arrangements enterprise. Business administration experience, people management skills, creativity, and passion for what you do are the keys to success for any small businessperson. Claudine and Laurie have it all!

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Making a Mission Statement Come to Life: Edible Arrangements Sixth Annual Convention

posted by Tariq Farid August 19, 2011

Two weeks ago Edible Arrangements® held its sixth annual convention in Las Vegas, NV, our first one since we simplified our mission statement. Like many companies, we used to have one of those lofty run-on sentences full of buzzwords that sound good when you are saying them but are totally forgettable. Last summer I decided that our mission statement really ought to be nothing more than what we strive to do every day, so we changed our mission statement to simply “To WOW You!” It’s a mission that we truly live by, and a statement we – and our customers – can actually remember. Even more that just remembering it, anyone can measure it. After all, you know when an amazing product or over-the-top customer service wows you, and it’s a whole lot different from something that is just OK. For us, OK is definitely not OK!

Which brings me to the Edible Arrangements® convention two weeks ago. Our theme was “Nothing But WOW!” and we delivered! Our conventions are always packed with educational breakout sessions, a vendor tradeshow and general sessions, and this one was our best yet, with many more interactive activities for franchisees, a Tech Center with all the newest technology advances available to store owners and managers, and a full size storefront featuring our new Edible To Go concept! And as always we unveiled some exciting new technologies and other surprises to give attendees a sneak peek at upcoming products and promotions.

It’s so important to have an annual event so franchisees, store managers, vendors and corporate employees can all be together in one place and learn from each other. There’s no substitute for the opportunity for franchisees to get together to help each other with tips and suggestions, meet with vendors, and give face-to-face feedback to the corporate team.

We set out this year to provide an amazing experience for everyone by offering outstanding presentations and sessions and to have everyone leave with great ideas and reinvigorated energy to take their enterprises to the next level. Customers can see that our franchisees are living our mission to WOW you every day . . . now that’s a statement!

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Wowing China with Edible Arrangements!

posted by Tariq Farid July 28, 2011

Three months ago I made a return visit to Beijing after being away for eight years. As soon as I stepped off the plane I was amazed at the difference. I remembered many of the sights I saw along the way, but they were not recognizable. Everything in view was much more developed, sophisticated and modern – I could have been in any city in the US or Europe! Before I even reached my hotel, I was convinced that Edible Arrangements had to expand into China. I visited two more times since then, and have been diligently working towards the goal of bringing Edible Arrangements to China.
China Launch
We are honored to be coming to Beijing, to one of the best locations in the city. I am convinced that the success we have achieved in this venture so far is directly connected to the great people we’ve met, and to the people we expect to serve here – our first franchisee and the initial consumers who will show their confidence in our brand by becoming Edible Arrangements customers.

I feel blessed to be able to partner with our China Master and GOD wiling we look forward to working together to WOW every consumer in beautiful Beijing and all of China.

Stay tuned for more exciting news…… Thank you!

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Edible Arrangements Named to Inc. Magazine’s “10 Promising Franchises for 2011”!

posted by Tariq Farid July 13, 2011

edible-arrangementsWhat an honor that Edible Arrangements has been named to Inc. Magazine’s “10 Promising Franchises for 2011”! I feel genuinely privileged to be able to work with the fine people who make Edible Arrangements work so well for so many. Our amazing franchisees have turned this concept into the popular holiday and everyday products their customers want, and by doing such a great job making customers happy every day, they have made Edible Arrangements a truly successful franchise! Of course, I also want to recognize a hard-working corporate staff that does so much to support our franchisees on a daily basis – with the technical assistance, marketing materials and operational excellence that enable them to run their stores seamlessly. Thanks also to Inc. Magazine for their recognition of our franchise, and congratulations to the other franchises recognized by Inc this year. It is truly an honor to be acknowledged this way, and a tribute to the exceptional people in our organization who make it work seven days a week! Here’s what Inc. Magazine has to say about Edible Arrangements:(

“Edible Arrangements, as its name implies, sells hand-sculpted fresh-fruit arrangements. The company, which began franchising back in 2001, has grown remarkably well over the last 10 years. In fact, it recently signed its 1,000th new store franchise agreement. In 2010, Edible Arrangements opened 84 stores in the U.S., and plans to open several more stores—from Massachusetts to Mumbai—in the next several months. ‘We started franchising in 2001 and the continuous growth of Edible Arrangements has been very exciting,’ said founder and CEO Tariq Farid, in a statement. ‘Our proven franchise system, healthful high-quality products, and our franchisees are the keys to our success.’”