Tariq Farid Hall of Fame award

November is National Entrepreneurship Month- a month meant to celebrate the tenacious spirit of entrepreneurs and the positive and far-reaching impact they have on our economy.

After achieving my own success as Founder of Edible Arrangements®, it is my passion to use my experience to help other budding entrepreneurs who may not have a mentor to guide them. For those who have the drive to succeed, taking that first step can be the most difficult. For all entrepreneurs who are just starting their journey, there are a few key pieces of advice that I often give to ensure that you boost your business and achieve success.

  • Don’t chase money, it runs really fast. My mother used to always tell me this, and it is critical advice for anyone in business. Do not get wrapped up in the details of making money – focus on building your business and your brand, and the money will follow.
  • Follow the 60%/20%/20% Rule. Spend 60% of your time planning for the future of your business, 20% looking at past decisions, and 20% maintaining the present and managing day-to-day duties. This balance will keep you and your business from getting stuck in a rut and dwelling on the past or future for too long.
  • Always ask yourself, “If I were starting this business today, what would I do differently?” Then see if you can implement those ideas now. This is especially important as you grow and bring on additional responsibilities – take a moment to step back and think about where you started and what your overall mission is.

I hope that these tips are helpful to budding entrepreneurs who may be starting their journey. Join me in celebrating all entrepreneurs during this National Entrepreneurship Month, and make sure to support those who are beginning their journey!

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