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Celebrating National Small Business Week

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National small business week Edible

This week, as the country celebrates National Small Business Week, I’d like to look back and reflect on the beginnings of Edible®, when we were just a small store in Connecticut. Looking back on these memories makes me eternally grateful for all of Edible®’s franchisees that have gone on this journey with me. I’m happy to honor all of them as small business owners across America and applaud them for earning their piece of the American Dream.

Each year when I celebrate the small business owners that make up Edible®, I often run into the same misconception; that franchises aren’t small businesses. However, I’m always happy to explain that franchisees are just like every other small business owner- they put their money, time, and energy into building their own business and making their dreams of being the boss come true. A franchisee simply had a head start with materials and processes already figured out, by joining a system that gives them the tools and resources they need to jumpstart a successful business.

I stand firm in my celebration of each and every single franchisee this week, and every week, and am happy to shed some light on this common misconception whenever I have the chance.

When people see a franchise opening in their community, they may picture a huge corporation coming in. However, that franchise is owned and operated by your friends and neighbors. These are the people you grocery shop with, your neighbor down the street or the coach of your daughter’s soccer team.

I encourage people to look at franchise companies as a network made up entirely of small business owners who want to make a difference and take charge of their future.

Small businesses have always had an important role. After all, over half of American workers either own or work for a small business, and small businesses generate two out of every three new jobs each year. These are staggering numbers, and it’s all made possible by the hardworking owners and franchisees that make up small businesses across the country.

At Edible®, each and every one of our franchisees are working hard to achieve their dream and share Edible®’s mission to fill the world with goodness. Timely for this special week, I encourage you all to consider stopping by an Edible® store in your local community in support of small businesses. Doing this, we can all help to spread goodness in our own neighborhoods.

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