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Every day in my work with Edible Arrangements® franchisees all across the US, I am reminded of the greatness of this country. As small business owners, Edible Arrangements franchisees are the embodiment of the American Dream. And their enthusiasm and determination inspire me.

Last month, I traveled to a number of countries outside of the US to meet with current and potential Edible Arrangements franchisees. In China, I visited with Edible Arrangements’ newest franchisees and I was moved by their excitement and exuberance over the opportunity to share “an American invention” — Edible Arrangements — with their friends and neighbors.

Their enthusiasm was contagious and matched only by their determination, hard work and creativity: they had the spirit of true entrepreneurs!

Here in America, we are free to pursue our dreams for ourselves, for our families and to work to make the world a better place. My visit to China served as a reminder that the American Dream is celebrated not only here in the US, but is alive and well in many other parts of the world.

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of this great nation with friends, family and fireworks, let’s remember that despite all our differences, we continue to serve as an inspiration to others in every corner of the globe. The American Dream is, indeed, alive and well, and not just in America!


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