One of the things I love the most about our franchisees is their dedication and commitment to their communities. Over the years as Edible Arrangements® has grown some people still don’t realize that we have over 1,100 stores –actual storefronts- around the world. Edible Arrangements is much more than just a web-based company. We are a company made up of your neighbors and friends who work hard every day making and delivering arrangements and fresh fruit products by hand. And more importantly your local Edible Arrangements owners take pride in getting involved in and contributing to their communities, not because they have to, but because they want to.

One example is Becky and Bob Killelea, owners of the Ridgeland and Flowood, Mississippi Edible Arrangements stores. After opening their Ridgeland store in 2006, the Killeleas couldn’t stand that the unused fruit went to waste, so they vowed to do something about it. Realizing that fresh fruit is scarce in many homeless shelters and soup kitchens, Becky reached out to the Gleaners, a non-profit organization that helps feed the homeless throughout Mississippi.

Bob and Becky Killelea, and staff

The Gleaners told Becky that she should contact the Salvation Army, and that is exactly what she did. Working with the Salvation Army Captain, Becky and Bob now donate all their stores unused fruit to homeless shelters. The Killeleas are so passionate about giving back to their communities and volunteering that they are encouraging and inspiring their staff to the same. I can tell you one thing –Becky and Bob have inspired me and countless others. Their generosity of spirit is representative of many of our franchisees who seek out causes and programs to support. They care about their communities and through their actions make everyone around them know that Edible Cares.

I am so moved by our franchisees passion for what they do in their communities that I feel honored to highlight them in some of my upcoming blog entries. Although they are not seeking recognition, I feel compelled to tell their stories so that maybe, just maybe, their generosity of spirit can touch and affect others, just like they have touched and affected me.

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