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Edible® and Junior Achievement – a partnership driving results

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As I have written in the past, few things give me as much pleasure as seeing our Edible® team take time to give back to our community.

That was the case on Friday, April 13, when 27 incredible members of our Edible® team partnered with Junior Achievement and served as teachers for the day to 266 students at Dunbar Hill School in Hamden, CT. 

Working with children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, our team taught lessons with games and activity kits on topics that these students would most likely not have had access to at home. With 30 teachers and administrators on standby, our team presented their lessons with their partners. Three employees actually taught classes on their own! And their hard work paid off.

It was a great day to “spread goodness” in education and, of course, we provided Edible®  treats as rewards!

Below are just a few of the amazing pictures of this dedicated group from Edible® during in the Junior Achievement program at Dunbar Hill School.

Congratulations to all on a job very well done.

Edible at Dunbar Hill HS  

Edible Junior Achievement project


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