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Edible Arrangements® Coming Soon to Johnson City

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A new Edible Arrangements® store is coming soon to Johnson City, Tennessee! The new owners are Melissa and Nicholas . Melissa is a personal finance manager and Nicholas is a sales manager with a pharmaceutical company. Congratulations on signing on with Edible Arrangements and welcome to your next business venture!

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4 thoughts on “Edible Arrangements® Coming Soon to Johnson City

  1. Carole, I'm pleased to inform you that our Johnson City, TN location is set to open next week. Melissa and her team are working hard to get the store ready. Please make sure to stop by the store, sample some of our dipped fruit and welcome Melissa.

  2. I have a niece on Buckingham Drive who is celebrating her birthday on the 22nd of June and I would like to give her an edible arrangement. Is it possible for me to phone you from MA and give you an order using AMERICAN EXPRESS???? IF POSSIBLE CAN YOU E-MAIL YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO ME? Helen

  3. Hi, Helen - you can send an arrangement from MA to anywhere in the country simply by calling any Edible Arrangements location, including the one closest to you in MA, or by going to our website, Our stores take American Express. You can also call our Call Center at 1-800-DO-FRUIT and one of our customer service specialists will place the order for you.

    Thank you so much for thinking of Edible Arrangements as a gift for your niece and to help her celebrate her birthday. I know she'll love it. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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