I never cease to be amazed by the ways in which peoples’ lives are positively impacted by becoming part of the Edible Arrangements franchise. This is especially true, I find, of families. The Skidmores would be a fine example of this phenomenon.

After 20 years of traveling up and down the East Coast, Ryan and Kris Skidmore are finally staying put in South Carolina—and they have no plans to move again anytime soon. That’s because, as of January 30, the Skidmores are now the new owners of the Edible Arrangements store in Greenville, SC.

Ryan is a sales manager for a Fortune 100 insurance company, and his career has forced his family to be constantly on the move, taking up residence everywhere from Florida and North Carolina to Virginia and Ohio. In fact, Ryan learned about the Greenville store from one of his agents, who was the insurance agent for the store.

Now Ryan and Kris, along with their young daughters Keely and Lindsey, can finally enjoy a more settled-down family life—and join our family of Fruit Experts in the process. I am confident the family will not only be exemplary franchisees but also a big part of the community. Please stop by the store and help welcome your new neighbors.

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