What makes for a successful franchisee? That’s certainly not an easy question to answer; in fact, there are many possible answers. But one of them is certainly enthusiasm. In order for your enterprise to work, you must be excited about it. You must be excited about the product you are offering customers. Granted, with a product line as fresh, delicious and visually appealing as that of Edible Arrangements, this part comes easy for many.

Among these enthusiastic franchisees would be Rory and Hillary of New York. They’ve been with us for nearly seven years now, back when we only had a little more than ten percent of the locations we currently do. With stores in Plainview and Port Washington running successfully for years, they will now be adding a third location in Westbury, and I’m sure that the enthusiasm will no doubt be carried right over.

In fact, Hillary—who runs day-to-day operations on the stores while Rory works as territorial manager for a major pharmaceutical company—has already personally expressed her excitement at the new venture. A former sixth grade teacher, Hillary certainly knows what it’s like to manage her time and the needs of many individuals at once. I have great confidence that this new location will be a piece of cake for her—or perhaps more appropriately, a piece of cantaloupe…

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