Certified Happiness. It’s not just a catchy tagline, but rather a very real philosophy that is taken seriously as a corporate goal by all of us here at Edible Arrangements. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and make superior customer service a priority at all times. That’s why when we don’t completely live up to those standards, there is no one who is more disappointed about it than us. After all, our mission is to WOW you each and every time.

It pleases me greatly to know that our Edible Arrangements franchisees brought happiness to more people this Valentine’s Day than ever before. In locations across America and around the world, they worked tirelessly to fulfill hundreds of thousands of orders on our busiest day of the year, and are eminently proud to service their local communities.

That said, there were also some customers whose orders were either delivered in an untimely fashion, or not delivered at all. And for this, I personally apologize. It may have been a small percentage of you, but as far as I’m concerned, if we successfully fulfill a thousand orders and miss one, then we have fallen short of our mission.

Edible Arrangements Fruit Experts are among the most dedicated and passionate franchisees in the world. As such, they hold themselves accountable when things go wrong—as we all do on the Edible Arrangements team. When standards are not met, we all seek to address the problems promptly and effectively. This is why our franchisees are working around the clock to do just that.

We are already hard at work revamping our operations and formulating strategies to minimize these issues going forward. In short, we are learning from what went wrong this time around.

To all those customers and recipients whose Valentine’s Day was brightened by Edible Arrangements, I thank you for placing your confidence in us, and allowing us to help you share your love. Without you and your support, we would never have been able to build the Edible Arrangements brand in the first place. And if we missed our mark for any of you, do not hesitate to reach out and let us know. Your voices will be heard, and I can assure you that all our owners will do whatever it takes to make it up to you. Because certifying happiness is more than a mission statement—it’s our way of life.

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