I always find it especially gratifying to see husbands and wives working together to start their own franchise business. In the case of Michael T., who just took over operations of the Whitby, Ontario Edible Arrangements location at the end of last month, the decision to go ahead with the venture was cemented by the approval of his closest confidante and business partner: his wife, Tracey.

While attending Edible Arrangements University (EAU) in our Wallingford, CT headquarters today, Michael had a chance to relate that in person:

“When we looked into this franchise, my wife really was impressed. She thought it was amazing, and so unique. She said we should go for this one. She was really happy, and we looked over everything carefully and both said, ‘We should do this.’”

A traveling computer consultant for many years, Michael welcomes the opportunity to be close to home instead of constantly on the road. He is also looking forward to the chance to share work responsibilities with his wife Tracey for the very first time:

“We were looking for something that both of us could do. My wife is partially disabled, and she wanted something she could help out with as well. This was a great opportunity for her, because she can work a few hours in the store doing day-to-day bookkeeping, and I can concentrate on running and marketing the store.”

And although they just joined the Edible Arrangements family, that hasn’t prevented Michael and Tracey from already dreaming up expansion plans. They hope to be able to grow the business and add a few more locations as soon as they can, and are excited to take on the new and convenient Edible to Go product line in the process.

I wish Michael and Tracey great success in their husband-wife venture, and trust they will find it to be a most rewarding experience.

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