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Planting the seed for exciting new directions

I cannot say enough about our entire Edible team and the way everyone has banded together to innovate during a pandemic to elevate our business and, most importantly, give our incredible customers what they need and desire in these uncertain times. Our success as a brand and as a franchise community on Main Street across America and around the world is a direct result of our continued ability to WOW people for every occasion.

That is especially true today in a very momentous way as Edible has officially entered the multi-billion-dollar floral industry with the nationwide launch of FruitFlowers®. This new product line is near and dear to my heart because, as many know, my entrepreneurial journey began when I opened my first flower shop as a teenager. It was in that environment that I learned the powerful impact one can make on his or her community by bringing smiles to the faces of customers. Not only did running this flower shop spark my passion for creative gifting, but I also would like to think the customer service skills I gained from this first business endeavor laid a solid foundation for the vision with which I founded Edible Arrangements.

That vision has translated to two decades’ worth of franchise partners, who have taken the Edible approach to make fruitful livelihoods for themselves and their teams. And I give credit to them and our entire headquarters team for continuing to raise the bar in that mission to provide the best customer service for any occasion, in ways that now extend far beyond just creating our signature products.

FruitFlowers is our latest and greatest debut in our never-ending push to innovate. While our entire menu has become synonymous with gifting at its very best, our franchise network always looks to go that one extra step. The fresh cut floral bouquets that are now available for purchase online and in stores are another testament to Edible’s value as a one-stop-shop for helping customers enjoy every occasion. And our early test of the new product line already showed us that this offering will be rapidly embraced as a lasting statement for the very best gift-givers out there.

I credit the floral industry for being the springboard to my entrepreneurial mindset. And today, I am happy to return to it once again, as Edible continues to raise the bar and break records for our industry. The FruitFlowers product line is where happiness blooms. And it’s good to be in the business of happiness.

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