Last year, as part of our Edible Cares™ community outreach program, we launched a specific program called Random Acts of Happiness which recognized someone who had a positive impact on and made a difference in the lives of others. We asked the public to tell us the stories of people they feel deserve to be recognized for their unselfish good deed(s) which brought happiness to someone else. In an age with so much negativity and fighting, the reception to the program and stories we received were refreshing and uplifting. We listed the stories on our web site – – for voting by the public.

Our franchisees embraced Random Acts of Happiness wholeheartedly and were so proud to be a part of a program that spread a little happiness around. One group of franchisees that I would like to recognize for their continued community outreach efforts and support for Random Acts of Happiness is our 15 Detroit area Edible Arrangements® stores. Vikki Brown, owner of the Farmington and Lake Orion, MI stores, and the President of the 15 store Detroit area co-op, spearheads many of these outreach efforts. With Vikki’s guidance, ALL the Detroit Edible Arrangements owners enthusiastically dedicate part of their lives to helping those in need in their communities. Whether it’s their daily support of Forgotten Harvest to help alleviate hunger in the greater Detroit area, their participation in Random Acts of Community Involvement events or their latest Random Acts of Happiness campaign, the Detroit area Edible Arrangement owners let their communities know that Edible cares about their neighbors.

Detroit Area Edible Arrangements Owners

If you are living in the Detroit area, our Detroit franchisees want to hear from you. They are inviting the community to participate in the Random Acts of Happiness by nominating somebody who is an unsung hero who made a difference in someone’s life. I know there are many great stories you are looking to share. You have until September 16 to nominate that special person. On September 19, the Detroit Edible Arrangements owners will honor 15 amazing hometown heroes for their kindness and caring. The fifteen winners will each receive one of our NEW cupcake arrangements.

Past Random Acts of Happiness Winner -keeping neighborhood clean

Owning a local business such as one of our over 1,100 Edible Arrangements stores around the world involves much more than just making money. At Edible Arrangements, our local franchise owners, your neighbors, cherish their responsibility to be a part of and give back to their communities. Just think about the difference you can make in your community, whether you are a business owner or not, if you just take the time to help someone else and bring a little happiness their way. It could be as simple as holding a door for someone, saying hello and smiling to a stranger you pass on the street, volunteering for your local soup kitchen or homeless shelter –use your imagination because what you think is small may in fact have a huge affect on someone else. There is no better feeling than knowing you helped brighten somebody’s day, and take it from me, one day you’ll appreciate it when someone helps lift your spirits and makes your day a little more memorable as well.

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