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Success Is Best When Shared

It is in giving that we receive. As an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed this first-hand. My mother always told me that if I took care of my customers, they would take care of me. Not only was she right, but I’ve seen this concept come to fruition beyond compare. 

The minute I decided to turn Edible Arrangements into a franchise opportunity, I was able to share my business idea with others. In turn, they were able to serve more customers in more communities than I could have ever dreamed possible. As a result, we have experienced a greater level of success together than any of us could have achieved alone. And that success has been the driving force behind a constant desire to give back. 

Tomorrow we celebrate the International Day of Charity, which serves as a great reminder of what charity truly means to those of us who are business leaders. Business is more than just the bottom line; it is also a means for serving, supporting and giving back in profound ways. 

That’s one reason that my wife Asma and I created our foundation. We’ve extended our entrepreneurial passion into philanthropic giving. Whether it is through our involvement with food banks, our support for schools and teachers, our donations to healthcare initiatives or furthering the dreams and aspirations of the next generation of entrepreneurs, our prosperity has allowed us to help others. 

Meanwhile, in trying times like we’ve experienced throughout 2020, we are called to do even more. The hurdles of the pandemic have challenged our society as a whole to lift one another up. And as far as the eye can see across the Edible network, I am inspired by the response. Our hearts are big, and our teams are powerful. There isn’t a week that goes by where I don’t see Edible teams donating food to healthcare workers, rewarding first responders with treats, or working non-stop to get fresh whole fruit and produce to homebound customers in their time of need. When the world has seemed locked down and disconnected, we have created a compassionate answer. 

Not surprisingly, we have seen tremendous growth in our sales and our franchise development expansion to more locations at the very same time. And while these achievements do make me incredibly proud, what I am most proud of is the selflessness that led to them. Seeing this transpire across Edible Brands has served as yet another testament to my mother’s wise words: “Take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.” 

So when it comes to charity, I don’t question its impact for a brand, a people, a community and a world at-large. I merely embrace the goodness that resides as an immediate result.

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