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Support the nonprofit important to you. Be part of the Great Give

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Edible Arrangements The Great GiveOn May 2 – nonprofits in New Haven county are participating in what is the largest national day of local giving to raise millions of dollars for important causes in our communities. These are the organizations that feed the hungry, care and educate children and adults, treat those with life threatening illness, welcome people from war-torn countries, as well as inspire us with artistic expression.  
Because of my faith, charity is fundamental to me. It’s personal.  Only recently have I started to talk more about it publicly. The importance of a public donation is the effect it has on others. It says to a wider community this is what we value, we believe in and think is important. I’m a firm believer that the best investments are made in the lives of others. By uplifting all members of our communities, we express our highest values of our community.

People often think philanthropy is for the very wealthy of the world. The truth is that everyone can support their community. Come May 2, no gift is too small, or too large.  Everyone should feel inspired to contribute to the well-being of their community.

Asma and I have supported many organizations locally.  Many are participating in the 36-hours of giving.  Here are two groups participating in New Haven’s GreatGive. Both will appreciate support.

CT Food Bankchild-hunger CT Food

Within Greater New Haven, one in seven residents report not having enough money to buy food. Unmet basic needs put people at risk. For a child, hunger affects academic progress. When a child’s free or reduced price school meals aren’t available, weekends are too long.  Through the Food Bank’s Kids’ BackPack Program, healthy, easy to prepare foods are discretely placed into students backpacks on Fridays so they have nutritious food over the weekend.  More than 3,300 children participate in this program.


A person doesn’t strive to be a refugee. Refugees are men, women and their children who fled their countries of origin because of persecution based on their race, nationality, religious belief, or political opinion.  With IRIS assistance, these individuals quickly adjust to a new country and become self-sufficient. Each strives toward their own version of the American dream.  These individuals add value to our communities through enrichment, diversity and growth.  Last year, IRIS helped resettle over 520 people.

Considering participating in New Haven’s GreatGive.  We can change the lives of our neighbors, as we create positive change through the power of people who care.


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