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Some of the amazing Chrysalis volunteers and staff.

One of the aims of the Tariq Farid Foundation is to improve the lives of women and children. As a result, we support quite a few organizations that achieve this.

One of these organizations, the Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis, provides safety and support for women and children at a time when they need it most — when they are trying to escape a violent situation.

In addition to providing a short-term emergency shelter and longer-term transitional housing, Chrysalis provides a continuum of care that includes individual in-person and/or phone support. They also provide advocacy through the medical, legal, police or social services systems as well as providing support groups and safety planning.

All this remarkable work and the vital services are provided to women and children absolutely free.

As an organization, Chrysalis lives and operates under this truth: “No matter what the situation, nobody deserves to be battered or abused. Everybody deserves to live a life free from violence, fear and abuse. These are universal truths, no matter what your situation.”

Equally impressive, the organization is now partnering with other organizations to prevent violence before it starts by working with men and with youth. To learn more about this amazing organization, you can check out their Facebook page here or their website here.



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