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Doing Our Part to Fight a Terrible Disease

posted by Tariq Farid March 28, 2013

When deciding how best to apply the philanthropic powers of the Farid Foundation, which my brother Kamran and I founded as a way of giving back to the community, sometimes the challenge can be finding the right cause. And sometimes it’s a very easy decision, like the one we made this week.

As a child, my brother Kamran was diagnosed with leukemia, and treated at the Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. And so, the decision to donate a gift of $100,000 to the Yale School of Medicine on Wednesday was one we made with all our hearts.


The money donated from the Foundation will go specifically to support Yale School of Medicine’s Pediatric Oncology Department’s Psychosocial Service, which provides support for families going through difficult times.


Donation by Farid Foundation

As my brother himself said at the luncheon during which he presented the check for $100,000 to Dr. Gary Kupfer, Chief of the Pediatric Oncology Department, the terrible disease of cancer affects more than just the child diagnosed, but also the entire family, which suffers terrible emotional and financial stress. We can certainly testify to that. With the gift we’ve given, we hope to help other families to cope with exactly these stresses now and in the future.

Our contribution will be used in the Pediatric Oncology Department’s Psychosocial Service division to support the various needs of both patients and families, while also collecting research that will help future diagnosed children and families down the road. My brother and I are proud to have the ability to contribute to a cause like this. It’s one that’s so personally important to us, and we’re gratified to help those who need it the most.


Farid Foundation Gives Back to a Worthy Cause

posted by Tariq Farid February 16, 2013

One of the most gratifying things about the success of Edible Arrangements International is the fact that is has given me the ability to give back to the community, and to support worthwhile causes. My brother Kamran and I formed the Farid Foundation eight years ago for just this purpose. Last December, I was honored to be able to support one of those very worthy causes through the Foundation by giving a donation of $35,000 to Family Services of Greater Waterbury.

Since it began serving the Waterbury area 104 years ago, Family Services of Greater Waterbury has helped hundreds of thousands of people receive basic need services. The organization currently offers programs to help abused and neglected children, parents returning to the workforce from welfare programs and counseling for issues such as depression and anxiety.

Additionally, Family Services provides a “Basement Boutique” for its active clients, where they can receive work-appropriate clothing as well as basic toiletries such as deodorant and soap. When deciding to make the donation, I was particularly moved by the work Family Services does to help people prepare to return to the workforce.

When I was a young boy and new to this country, I was helped by another family. They gave me my first winter coat. It was a beautiful designer coat, but I didn’t know that at the time. All I knew then was that I had a fine new coat because someone cared enough to help. And that’s exactly the type of care Family Services offers to the community. I’m glad to support their work.

Tariq Farid presenting donation check to Family Services

More information on how to connect with Family Services of Greater Waterbury is available at www.familyservicesgw.org or by calling 203-756-8317.