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This week Edible Arrangements is inviting people everywhere to take the “Pledge of Health & Happiness.” This pledge is our way of promoting healthier lifestyles – supporting First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative to fight childhood obesity and the USDA recommendation that one half of a person’s daily food intake consist of fresh fruit and vegetables. To help people understand the importance of healthy eating we are encouraging people to take the pledge to eat a minimum of 8 oz of fresh fruits and vegetables every day. When people take the pledge, we reward them with a free pineapple daisy pop to get them started on increasing their daily fruit intake with a special treat!
Yesterday franchisees and members of the Edible Arrangements corporate team went to New York City to jump start our “pledge week” efforts, and the results were phenomenal! We had street teams handing out information about the pledge, and consumers were responding right away. They went to Edible Arrangements stores to take the pledge and get their free pineapple pop. Our store on Broadway handed out over 4,000 pops before we left at 4 PM . . . and the pledges are still going strong. People can also take the pledge on our Facebook page – we’ll email you a voucher for your free pineapple pop! The pledge count on our Facebook page this morning was over 40,000! It’s great to see so many people pledging to eat more fruits and vegetables as a means to a healthier way of living . . . Join Us!

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