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Megan and Richard represent the growing number of husband-wife teams making up the Edible Arrangements franchise community.

As I have written before, Edible Arrangements franchisees represent all walks of life and one group that I am happy to see steadily on the rise is the husband-wife team.

Take Megan and Richard, for example.

After spending seven years in the hospitality and restaurant management business, Megan went to work in the EMT field. Richard, meanwhile, was working as a paramedic for Emergency Medical Services, where he still works 17 years later.

As fate would have it, they met in 2008 while working on an ambulance together and were married two years later on 10/10/10.

In 2013, their commitment to helping others carried over into a second career as they opened their Edible Arrangements franchise.

Megan and Richard are not all work and no play, however. They also are proud parents of a little boy named Reed, who loves feeding the animals on their farm as well as working on his ABC’s and 123’s.

“He is our most precious gift,” they will tell you of Reed, who is approaching his second birthday.

With a growing family and a thriving business, they are excited about what the future holds. And we are excited to be a part of their life and able to play a role in helping them make their dreams come true.


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