• IFA Convention

Last week, it was my privilege to be able to share with you some exciting information regarding Edible Cares’ new Hero’s Welcome program, as well as our contribution to the International Franchise Association’s VetFran program. Just a few days ago, it was my honor to be able to speak about this before my colleagues at the IFA’s 53rd annual convention in Las Vegas, which I attended along with my brother Kamran Farid (COO of EAI) as well as Frank Garrido, our VP of Operations, Training and Operations Development.

The IFA is the world’s largest and oldest organization representing franchising worldwide, and for more than half a century it has been working to protect, enhance and promote franchising through government relations, public relations and education programs. In 2009, they honored me with their Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and I was pleased to be able to return to the convention this year, after having to miss part of last year’s convention, which was scheduled during Valentine’s Day, our busiest time of the year.

I was thrilled to have the chance to speak about something that’s so close to my heart and to the heart of my company. I will have more to share on this exciting opportunity very soon, including images from the event itself, so please stay tuned!

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