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Maurice Welton had dreams of no longer being stuck on the “corporate treadmill” when he discovered Edible Arrangements. Today he owns four successful stores with a fifth on the way!

When I first met Maurice, who now owns multiple Edible Arrangements stores, he WOWED me. Maurice is a veteran, a hard worker and a friendly, fun and charming person. He had big dreams of no longer being stuck on the “corporate treadmill” as he put it.

“I was working so hard, and successfully, but not getting anywhere. No acknowledgement, no promotion even though I was doing great work and making money for the company I worked for,” I remember him telling me.

After watching a program in which I was being interviewed in 2006, Maurice was struck by the thought that Edible Arrangements presented the opportunity for which had been looking.

“It all fit,” he told me. “I felt a connection.”

So, Maurice did some research then called the Edible Arrangements corporate office to get a better understanding of how he could become an Edible Arrangements franchise owner.

After that, he says, “I knew, this was it!”

Maurice opened his first Edible Arrangements store on May 29, 2007 in Texas.

“Everything went smoothly,” Maurice remembers. “Everything happened exactly as my corporate support contact explained it would. And I am still guided by his advice today.”

Maurice’s first store was a success. Then he opened another, and another, and another! He now owns four Edible Arrangements stores with a fifth in the works!

“I do something I love,” he says. “I like that what I sell makes people smile—who doesn’t love a dipped pineapple!”

Maurice says that Edible Arrangements has allowed him to grow, both personally and professionally. He serves on the board of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce and he is a member of numerous other chambers and organizations!

“I love being more involved with the community. Along with my businesses, I have blossomed,” he says with a grin. “That’s what Edible Arrangements has done for me.”

But what is the most important change that his experience as a small business owner with Edible Arrangements has brought him?

“Legacy. It’s not just about being able to provide for my daughter, but I will never have to put a lid on her aspirations. That means the most to me,” Maurice says.

His advice for anyone considering becoming an Edible Arrangements store owner?

“Go for it! I have no regrets!”


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