Don’t let labels hold you back

posted by Tariq Farid June 25, 2014

Given my background, some might have considered me “least likely to succeed.” As an immigrant of Pakistani descent who moved to the United States as a child and worked a series of odd jobs to help my family make ends meet but never graduated college, I did not follow the traditional path to business success. I have never let labels hold me back, however.

In my latest contribution to Entrepreneur, I discuss some of the ways I have found to overcome obstacles on the path to building successful companies such as Edible Arrangements and Netsolace, and how passion goes a long way in turning a “least likely to succeed” into a “most likely.” You can read the entire article here.



About Netsolace

posted by Tariq Farid April 29, 2009

Netsolace is a technology company that provides groundbreaking technology solutions for the franchise industry.

For franchisors seeking the ultimate control over their businesses, both in terms of relationship management and operational efficiency, Netsolace offers a suite of proven software solutions that enables better monitoring, communications and data management at each stage of the franchise lifecycle.Netsolace

Our comprehensive suite of convenient and flexible web-based applications can be accessed from anywhere. They are designed to support both the franchisor and franchisee business needs and provide real time information for comprehensive data analysis and management reporting.To see how we can help you, please review our site or contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and demonstrate how our solutions can help your business and its bottom line.