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In keeping with the mission of the Tariq Farid Foundation to alleviate suffering by providing for the basic needs of food and healthcare, and to improve lives through the support of education and skill development opportunities that enable individuals to reach their full potential, I am pleased to announce our support of four additional organizations.

  • Tommy Fund is an organization that helps low-income families with children who have cancer.
  • Wallingford-Meriden Chrysalis is a shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.
  • Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence is a shelter that provides services to over 7,000 victims of domestic violence and their children each year throughout the Greater New Haven, Greater Naugatuck Valley, and Shoreline communities.
  • Bloom Again Foundation is an organization that provides help and resources for low-income women with serious medical illnesses.

I am truly grateful that we are able to help these very worthwhile organizations.

As I have written before, one of the pleasures of realizing the American Dream is that it creates opportunities to share that success with others, especially those who may not be as fortunate. I hope you will join us in supporting worthwhile organizations in your area.

Following is a current list of organizations supported by the Tariq Farid Foundation and the Farid Foundation, with links to each if you would like to learn more.








For more about the Farid Foundation, I invite you to visit www.FaridFoundation.com.

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Tariq Farid with Youth@Work representatives

On Thursday I was reminded once again of the importance of opportunity.

Tariq Farid with Youth@Work representativesThe Youth Services Department of New Haven has a terrific program called Youth@Work that provides paid summer employment and job experience for youths between the ages of 14 and 17.

At its peak, the program has provided summer jobs for up to 1,200 youth. Due to cuts in public funding, however, less than 500 jobs were going to be available this summer. That’s why there was no question that I would help when I learned of the program’s need.

These are the type of programs that remind of the great people and organizations that ultimately influenced me. When I was growing up in the New Haven area, my family did not have much. Even as a child, I was always working.

My first job was with Farricielli Flower in West Haven, and my First boss was Charlie Farricielli, one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He was also my first mentor. And while the money was important to my family as we struggled to make ends meet, I realize now how much I learned from those experiences.

It is important that today’s youth have the same opportunities to be exposed to other people and ideas so they can see there’s a big world out there and can understand that they do have options. That is why it was such an honor to be able to help continue the tradition of inspiring others and to help our youth get real-world, hands-on experience.

As I said yesterday during a press conference announcing the Tariq Farid Foundation’s commitment to charity, making money is important, but what’s really important is what you do with it.

Also see the FOXCT News Broadcast Below …

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