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One of the reasons this time of year is so special to me is that it is a time of family traditions.

Ask someone the simple question “what are you going to do for the holidays?” and without hesitation you will very likely get an enthusiastic response that includes something the family does when it gets together every year.

It might be a tradition that the great-grandparents brought over from the “old country.” It might be a new tradition that began when they were just a child and now has become their responsibility to keep alive. Some are deeply thoughtful and filled with meaning, some are comical and there are even those traditions started by accident that have now become an important part of the family’s holiday experience.

For all of us traditions create special memories that will last a lifetime, but even more importantly they renew that unique bond and sense of belonging among family members.

At Edible Arrangements we asked members of our corporate family to share some of their favorite traditions. If you click on the link to the video below you will see that the traditions are as wide-ranging as you would expect from such a diverse group.

My wish is that each of you will enjoy a holiday season filled with family, friends and loved ones, all sharing your favorite traditions.

Happy Holidays!

Click here to view some of our favorite holiday traditions

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