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Ron and Lori with their children, Mia and Eli, in Walt Disney World.

I am always interested in how our franchisees find out about Edible Arrangements. Interestingly enough, it often is an unexpected encounter with one of our beautiful arrangements.

Take Ron and Lori, for example. After graduating from West Virginia University, Lori became the morning and noon anchor on WOAY-TV in Oak Hill, West Virginia. She would later move on to a career making commercials for Charter Cable before taking time off to raise their two children.

Ron, meanwhile, was enjoying a career in the pharmaceutical industry in northeastern Ohio when he found himself on a call with one of his sales reps from Forest Pharmaceuticals.

It turned out that the rep had ordered an Edible Arrangements to be delivered to the prospect, and when they arrived at the office, there it was!

“One of the neatest things I had ever seen!” he remembers.

Lori had been talking about going back to work if she could set her own schedule, so Ron, who had worked with his father in the restaurant industry as a teenager, began researching Edible Arrangements. He and his father attended a Discovery Day and Ron was hooked.

Today Ron and Lori have eight locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. And they just signed a franchise agreement for their ninth Edible Arrangements store!

And to think it all started because a sales rep wanted to impress a prospect with an Edible Arrangements.

By the way, Ron’s favorite arrangement is the Apple Blossom with Cinnamon Dipped Apples while Lori loves the Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Dipped Bananas!


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