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Tariq Farid Foundation Aids Families Experiencing Temporary Financial Setbacks

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Through the Tariq Farid Foundation, we have been able to support many different worthwhile organizations. Most recently, we have had the opportunity to team up with the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW), which helps members of the Hispanic community who are experiencing temporary financial setbacks.

I’ve heard countless stories about people who become unemployed or homeless because they did not have the finances needed to carry on with daily life due to a temporary hardship. These problems may range from needing to repair an appliance to providing clothes for job interviews to making a security deposit for an apartment to helping with a vehicle registration or paying the fee for a driver’s license. These are every day situations that could happen to any of us and that’s why I am so deeply thankful that there are organizations out there like SCOW who offer support for people in need.

The Tariq Farid Foundation grant will go towards one-time donations to an individual or family facing an unforeseen financial problem and Maria Harlow, Executive Director of SCOW, told us our support will provide direct timely assistance to dozens of hard-working, but struggling individuals in the community.

Not only will this grant aid the Wallingford community, it will also help the organization during a time of need as SCOW is facing its own financial challenges due to a reduction in state funds.

Thank you Maria and the rest of the SCOW team. Your selflessness shines throughout Wallingford and I know you have changed many lives through this organization. For more information about SCOW, visit You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter at @SCOW284.

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