As we enjoy the holiday season, I am excited to share news of a new line of Edible Arrangements gift baskets and custom swizzle colors.

Once again our incredibly dynamic Edible Arrangements team has made us all say “Wow!”

I know how hard they have worked to make these new products a reality, and I’m grateful to be associated with so many creative and passionate team members who are dedicated to helping us grow in exciting and innovative ways.

In the spirit of the holiday season, and as an advocate for the small business owners that are a part of the Edible Arrangements family, I ask that you might consider shopping small for holiday gifts this year. If there is an Edible Arrangements store in your community (You can find a list here), I encourage you to pop in and explore the new products and other gift options they have. Supporting a local, small business owner is truly a holiday gift that will keep giving.

All arrangements are locally made and fresh to order. The new baskets also feature some of my favorite treats including whole fresh fruit, Pineapple Edible Pops, Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops, chocolate Dipped Fruit boxes, Gourmet Shareable Caramel Apples and Fruit Truffles.

Another fun new product option that I’m excited about are the custom swizzle colors. I’m looking forward to sharing some red and green swizzled fruit with family and friends this year!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and I hope you enjoy these new products as much as we do. Lastly, once again I encourage you to consider shopping small for the holidays by supporting your local Edible Arrangements franchise.


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