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If, as the saying goes, the holidays are for the children, then this is the time of year that seems to heighten the tragedy that is a child in need.

It is especially tragic when those needs are for the most basic items.

I was recently introduced to Executive Director Janet Stolfi Alfano and the wonderful people at The Diaper Bank, a nonprofit organization that provides free diapers to low-income families in Connecticut.

Diapers are one of the most basic human needs not being met for many children living in poverty. The numbers — like the need — are staggering.

The Diaper Bank is modeled after the regional food bank concept and currently distributes more than 150,000 diapers per month through a network of local daycare centers, social service agencies, shelters, and food pantries. These diapers go to 3,000 children of families in need in New Haven, Fairfield, Hartford, and Middlesex counties. Since 2004, The Diaper Bank has distributed more than 18 million free diapers!

As I have mentioned before, helping parents with basic needs is something that I’m passionate about. That’s why the Tariq Farid Foundation recently donated $10,000 to The Diaper Bank. The grant will help the organization purchase diapers for an additional 100 children per month.

Knowing that more single mothers and families living on a tight budget will not have to worry about whether their children are wearing a clean diaper made supporting The Diaper Bank an easy decision. If you have the resources and are looking to help make a difference in Connecticut, I hope you will visit The Diaper Bank website at www.thediaperbank.org and consider supporting their work. In addition to monetary donations, they welcome you to donate diapers or wipes, or host a diaper drive in your neighborhood, workplace, or community. Perhaps you could encourage diaper donations at your holiday party this year! If you live outside of Connecticut, you can find a similar organization in your area by going to http://nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org/.

The holidays are a time of giving and there is no greater gift than helping to make sure that a child’s basic needs are met.

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