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Franchising and Franchisees

Another reason Edible Arrangements is a successful company

Posted  February 23rd, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

There are many reasons that Edible Arrangements is a success. First, of course is the fact that our products feature fresh fruit and chocolate, that is beautifully arranged. They are both delicious and healthy! The sight of them continues to WOW people, and is part of so many of life’s special occasions! After all, why not celebrate what’s good in life? Just as important to [...]

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The future of journalism is very bright with young interns such as these that are part of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting System's Media Lab program.

The future of journalism is strong with programs like CPBN’s media lab!

Posted  February 16th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

As in many states, Connecticut has a wonderful public broadcasting system that provides important and interesting programming on both radio, television and, of course, over the Internet. The Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN) consists of WNPR and CPTV. I was honored to be recently be interviewed by young interns of Media Lab, a program of [...]

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BHCare's Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services will hold its 27th Annual Bowl-2-Benefit on March 15. Last year’s event (photos above and below) attracted more than 1200 participants.

An easy and fun way to support an important cause

Posted  February 12th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Giving back is very important to me because, as I often say, with success comes responsibility.  I adhere to this belief and am both honored and humbled to be able to support many organizations that help those in need, through the Tariq Farid Foundation. One of my foundation’s goals is to improve the lives of women and [...]

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Edible Arrangements

Taking our story to The Street . . . and beyond

Posted  February 11th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Valentine’s Day is the single biggest day of the year for Edible Arrangements and members of the news media are always fascinated to learn how our franchisees are able to deliver millions of pieces of fresh fruit nationwide in a single day. A few days ago I was interviewed by The Street and a writer [...]

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Franchising and Franchisees

How to become a small business owner

Posted  February 6th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Just over ten years ago, Rory was a Pharmaceutical Sales Trainer and his wife Hillary was a 6th grade science and math teacher. They were happy with their careers and lives, but had an entrepreneurial itch and dreamed of being small business owners. While in the process of researching several other business opportunities, Rory happened to receive [...]

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