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Ibrahim, in the center of the bottom row, celebrates another record Mother's Day sales performance with some of his Moreno Valley team members.
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A turnaround worth celebrating — Again!

Posted  May 22nd, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Shortly after Mother’s Day each year for the past four years I’ve received a phone call from one of our most successful franchisees, Ibrahim Choudhry, thanking me for convincing him to take over the Edible Arrangements location in  Moreno Valley, California.  That’s because for each of the past four years, his Moreno Valley store has [...]

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I recently had an opportunity to meet a few of the many refugees being helped by Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services (IRIS) in New Haven.

Doing our part to help others make a smooth transition to a new land

Posted  May 14th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

As someone who moved to the United States as a child, I know that making the transition to a new country can be very challenging. Thankfully, we had neighbors, teachers and others within the community who made us feel welcome and helped us learn the new customs, the language and other things we needed to [...]

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Los Angeles
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Delivering a little joy to some very special moms this Mother’s Day

Posted  May 8th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

I have written many times about my mother and the tremendous influence she had on me throughout my life. Like most moms, no matter the situation or how tough things got, I always knew she was there for me and I could count on her to make me feel better. That was especially true when [...]

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Warner 3edited
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A Teacher’s Gift

Posted  May 5th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I always like to repost a blog that was written in 2012 to honor of one of the most important people in my life. I’m sure everyone had such a teacher who made a difference in their life, and now is the time to remember them. Originally posted June, [...]

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Edible Arrangements offers something new for Mother’s Day

Posted  April 29th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

When it comes to Edible Arrangements, it’s not just the fruit that is always fresh. Our marketing and product development teams do a tremendous job of continually coming up with fresh new gift ideas. And they have done it again this year. New to the Edible Arrangements Mother’s Day Gifts collection for 2015 is the beautiful Mother’s Day Signature Berry [...]

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