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Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Edible Arrangements


Franchising and Franchisees

Ten years later these franchisees are ready for more

Posted  January 22nd, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

I’ve been writing recently about some of our newer Edible Arrangements franchisees. It’s always exciting to watch the family of franchisees grow and meet the new entrepreneurs who are pursuing their own version of the American Dream. Equally dear to my heart, however, are those long-term franchisees who have been the foundation upon which Edible [...]

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Edible Arrangements

Family business and family fun with Edible Arrangements store ownership!

Posted  January 15th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Franchisee congratulations this week goes to Michelle and Eddie, another husband wife team opening their first Edible Arrangements in Wilson, North Carolina. Michelle and Eddie, who have been happily married for 10 years, have the full support of their four children when it comes to their new venture. “The kids absolutely love Edible Arrangements,” they [...]

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Tariq Farid Foundation Joins the United Nations Foundation to give children a Shot at Life!

Posted  January 13th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

One of the great advantages of living in the United States is the access we have to excellent healthcare. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world people still needlessly die because of lack of vaccines for diseases that have been eradicated here. For example, approximately 1.5 million children die every year from diseases such as [...]

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Some of the amazing Chrysalis volunteers and staff.

Chrysalis provides safety and support when it is needed most

Posted  January 9th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

One of the aims of the Tariq Farid Foundation is to improve the lives of women and children. As a result, we support quite a few organizations that achieve this. One of these organizations, the Meriden-Wallingford Chrysalis, provides safety and support for women and children at a time when they need it most — when they are trying [...]

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Franchising and Franchisees

Edible Arrangements makes more franchisee dreams come true

Posted  January 6th, 2015  by  Tariq Farid

Yes, you can go home again! Just ask Malcolm and Lisa, two of our newest franchisees. They met while attending Texas A&M University and immediately realized they had a lot in common, having grown up in hometowns just 15 minutes apart. In fact, their parents actually went to high school together. After graduation, Malcolm took a [...]

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