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Edible Arrangements Celebrates Ranking in Franchise 500

posted by Tariq Farid February 1, 2017

For the 12th year in a row, Edible Arrangements has been ranked in the annual Franchise 500 by Entrepreneur magazine. This year we were ranked #42, marking the 10th year in a row for us to be among the Top 50.

No matter how many times we have been honored, I am still humbled every time the new rankings are published. It is a testament to our outstanding team of professionals at the corporate office as well as our dedicated and passionate franchisees around the world. It is because of all of them that we continue to enjoy a position among the elite of franchising.

While we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year – and there were many — I can only imagine the excitement that is ahead as we continue to grow internationally and develop new products and services.

Congratulations to everyone who has been a part of making Edible Arrangements one of the premier brands in franchising.

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Edible Arrangements celebrates a sweet collaboration with Mr. Chocolate

posted by Tariq Farid December 22, 2016

Known to enjoy some sweet treats myself, I am very excited about the recent announcement that Jacques Torres is sharing his incredible skills and craftsmanship with Edible Arrangements as we add a new Edible Chocolate brand to our product line.

When we began looking at creating a line of chocolates, we knew we wanted something that would be just as delicious as they are beautiful. At the same time, the new line needed to complement to our existing products and we soon discovered that Jacques, known to many as “Mr. Chocolate,” was the perfect partner to make it happen. He is a famed New York City master chocolatier and recipient of the James Beard Award. Adding to his impressive resume, he was the first artisan chocolatier to start from cocoa beans to make his own chocolate.

Now, taking advantage of a culinary career that spans more than four decades, Jacques has created a “WOW-worthy” line of delicious sweets, confirming that we could not have found a better partner for a collaboration. Marrying chocolate with fruits, caramel or nuts, all from scratch and using the finest ingredients that we have all come to know and love, the chocolates he crafted are the perfect compliment to the holiday season!

The chocolate comes in either dark, milk or white premium Belgium chocolate. The hand-crafted chocolate sweets are filled with fruit, including some of my favorites, such as raspberry, pineapple, orange and passion fruit. Jacques has also created mouthwatering options that incorporate caramel and hazelnut crunch as the filling.

I want to personally thank Jacques and the entire Edible Arrangements team for creating these beautiful and delicious treats. And what better time to enjoy them than the holidays!


Holiday Gift Basket
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The Holiday Gift that Keeps Giving

posted by Tariq Farid December 8, 2016

As we enjoy the holiday season, I am excited to share news of a new line of Edible Arrangements gift baskets and custom swizzle colors.

Once again our incredibly dynamic Edible Arrangements team has made us all say “Wow!”

I know how hard they have worked to make these new products a reality, and I’m grateful to be associated with so many creative and passionate team members who are dedicated to helping us grow in exciting and innovative ways.

In the spirit of the holiday season, and as an advocate for the small business owners that are a part of the Edible Arrangements family, I ask that you might consider shopping small for holiday gifts this year. If there is an Edible Arrangements store in your community (You can find a list here), I encourage you to pop in and explore the new products and other gift options they have. Supporting a local, small business owner is truly a holiday gift that will keep giving.

All arrangements are locally made and fresh to order. The new baskets also feature some of my favorite treats including whole fresh fruit, Pineapple Edible Pops, Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Pops, chocolate Dipped Fruit boxes, Gourmet Shareable Caramel Apples and Fruit Truffles.

Another fun new product option that I’m excited about are the custom swizzle colors. I’m looking forward to sharing some red and green swizzled fruit with family and friends this year!

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday season, and I hope you enjoy these new products as much as we do. Lastly, once again I encourage you to consider shopping small for the holidays by supporting your local Edible Arrangements franchise.


Tariq Farid and Edible Arrangements franchisees

Taking a moment to celebrate the entrepreneurial way of life

posted by Tariq Farid November 22, 2016

November is National Entrepreneurship Month and before it’s time to flip the page on the calendar, I’d like to take some time to reflect on the many great entrepreneurs that have taken the leap of business ownership with Edible Arrangements, and those who have inspired my entrepreneur journey along the way.

As I have shared many times before before, I got the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. Even though I was determined to succeed, I never imagined at the time that my single store would some day turn into a global chain with well over 1,000 locations around the world.

At times, I still find it hard to believe all that has happened, but this Thanksgiving weekend I am very thankful that it did.

As every entrepreneur knows, running a business can cause you to question yourself almost on a daily basis. The challenge is overcoming those self-doubts and continuing to move forward to build your business.

That’s why I so admire each and every one of our Edible Arrangements franchisees. I know their challenges. Regardless of their backgrounds, their experiences or even their reason for getting into business for themselves, they all share an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for business ownership.

The growth and overall success that Edible Arrangements has enjoyed over almost two decades is due to their undeniable dedication and every day I am thankful that they share our vision and enthusiasm for the brand and have allowed us to help them pursue their goal of achieving the American Dream.

There is another group that needs to be thanked, as well.  I am forever grateful that I have always had my family and so many good mentors and business associates surrounding me as a young entrepreneur. It is reassuring to know that they are in my corner. And I know each of our successful Edible Arrangements franchisees also depend on supportive and uplifting peers that are helping them take their businesses to the next level.

As part of National Small Business month we will also celebrate Small Business Saturday this weekend. I encourage you to shop local and shop small. And, as an advocate for the small business owners in Edible Arrangements, I encourage you to make one of your purchases from an Edible Arrangements location near you. It’s the best way to show your support of their entrepreneurial journey.

Maurice Welton
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Saluting Our Veterans

posted by Tariq Farid November 11, 2016

As Veterans Day arrives every year I am reminded of the incredible sacrifices the great veterans of our country have made and continue to make every day. Yet, I am also saddened to think of the many obstacles a large number of them face, unfortunately, as they make the transition from military to civilian life and into the workforce. Continue Reading