Tariq Farid Foundation Delivers Grant to Support Spanish Community of Wallingford

Grant will provide financial support for families experiencing financial hardship

—— Press Release ——

WALLINGFORD, Conn. (June 15, 2016) — The Tariq Farid Foundation has announced its support for the mission of the Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) to help members of the Hispanic community who are experiencing temporary financial setbacks.

The foundation recently awarded a $5,000 grant to SCOW, which provides help in the form of small, one-time donations to an individual or family facing an unforeseen financial problem. These problems may range from repairing an appliance to providing clothes for job interviews to making a security deposit for an apartment to helping with a vehicle registration or paying the fee for a driver’s license.

“I’ve heard countless stories about people who become unemployed or homeless, but it could have been prevented with a small amount of money to pay one bill or buy something they truly need,” said Tarid Farid, founder of Edible Arrangements and the Tariq Farid Foundation. “I’m thankful there are organizations such as SCOW who can be there to help people in need here in Wallingford.”

Maria Harlow, Executive Director of SCOW, praised the Tariq Farid Foundation for its timely support.

“This grant will directly provide timely assistance to dozens and dozens of hard- working but struggling individuals in our community,” said Harlow. “It could not possibly have come at a better time for our agency, which is facing some financial challenges due to a reduction in state funds. We are very grateful that a philanthropist with Mr. Farid’s reputation for generosity has stepped forward to help his fellow immigrants.”

The Spanish Community of Wallingford began its work in 1972, and primarily but not exclusively serves the Hispanic community. More information about SCOW is available at scowinc.org.

About The Tariq Farid Foundation:

Founded in 2013 by Tariq Farid, the Founder and CEO of Edible Arrangements, the mission of the Tariq Farid Foundation is to alleviate suffering by providing for the basic needs of food and healthcare, and to improve lives through the support of education and skill development opportunities that enable individuals to reach their full potential. More information on the Tariq Farid Foundation is available at www.tariqfaridfoundation.org.

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