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Growing up I saw my mother take on many roles: caregiver, friend, chef, cheerleader, tutor, the list could go on and on. I’ve found that there is no limit to what mothers can and will do for their children to help them succeed. As I’ve shared many times, it is because of the sacrifices and love from my mother that my family and I are able to enjoy the American dream.

And while I am always looking for ways to continue to honor my mother, I am equally excited when there is an opportunity to join our customers and friends as they celebrate their own mothers. We had two such opportunities this week at Edible Arrangements. First, we announced that we would donate enough fresh fruit for 600 families across the country. Next we were able to partner with UPS to surprise drivers with a sweet Mother’s Day treat.  

The women who received these special gifts go above and beyond as mothers and as UPS drivers.

For example, Sue Ballas in Pennsylvania is a single mother who learned how to drive a manual transmission in order to support her family as a UPS driver. She is now in the UPS Circle of Honor, a program recognizing drivers who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more.

Another inspiring story, Caroline Ledet in Atlanta, is a mother of three and maintains an outstanding work ethic, even as she deals with the challenges of raising a young child with special needs.

Another recipient, Barbara Hatch in California, works around a long commute because she knows the value of a good job in supporting her five children.

Recipient Sabrina Montgomery in Chicago is dedicated to helping other moms by volunteering at a local battered women’s shelter.

These women, like moms everywhere, work hard to make sure everyone around them is taken care of so I’m happy that this year Edible Arrangements could return the favor.

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