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Two days ago I was in Louisiana visiting some of our stores. After I left New Orleans I made my way to Baton Rouge; what a great experience visiting some of our most amazing store owners. But I want to share the story of Katie and Carrie in our Baton Rouge stores. These young, energetic women, with smiling faces are inspiring!

Before I even met them, I felt the energy as I walked into their Edible Arrangements store. It wasn’t just the décor or the cleanliness of the inviting store – although everything was perfect! I could sense that the people in this place were really enjoying what they were doing, and you could feel the electricity of that excitement in the air. What was interesting to me – and surprising – was that the two owners, Katie and Carrie, weren’t even at the store. But their enthusiastic spirit surely was – one person on phone, another walking a customer through the ordering process, people in back preparing arrangements, and busy store manager Kendra overseeing all the action.

I knew I had to meet Katie and Carrie, and asked Kendra when they would arrive. Turns out they were planning to come but had gotten too busy at their other store, and couldn’t get away. So, I hopped in the car and drove 20 minutes to the second location to meet up with them. Walking to their store, I felt that same feeling again, and it reminded me of the feeling we used we get when we first opened our store. I loved being there, and when a customer came in, we stopped whatever we were doing and ran to help, then waited to hear the customer’s compliment: “I love what you do” or “I sent someone one of your arrangements before, and they loved it.”

When I saw Katie and Carrie’s second store, with stocked shelves and staff offering samples to customers, it’s evident that what makes them so successful is their energy. These two women are in their twenties, successfully running two stores and inspired to build their third. Katie and Carrie are two people to watch carefully and the community in Baton Rouge is doing just that! I often tell store owners that this kind of energy is what successful businesses need. Katie and Carrie’s success will inspire many others to follow their dreams. Inspiration doesn’t just come from what we achieve in business; it comes from the energy and enthusiasm to pursue what you love with passion that makes you an example for others to follow your lead.

Hats off to Katie and Carrie for their amazing operation. With their winning formula of energy, focus and customer service, the sky is the limit on what they can reach. Siegen Baton Rouge

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