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Delivering a little joy to some very special moms this Mother’s Day

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I have written many times about my mother and the tremendous influence she had on me throughout my life. Like most moms, no matter the situation or how tough things got, I always knew she was there for me and I could count on her to make me feel better.

That was especially true when we learned my younger brother Kamran had leukemia. At the time I don’t think I truly appreciated the impact that having a child diagnosed with such a terrible disease can have on the parents, especially the mother. The emotional and financial stress can be overwhelming. We were fortunate to have many people who were willing to help us during that time as my brother went through his treatments and eventually recovered.

This Mother’s Day, unfortunately, I know there are many children in similar situations, but I also know that their mothers are there by their side. That’s why it was comforting to hear that many of our franchisees across the nation delivered special Mother’s Day arrangements to the Ronald McDonald House in their markets yesterday.

I am convinced that there is no greater love than that of a mother for her children. I hope that our arrangements brought a little joy to the lives of those mothers who are spending this Mother’s Day away from home in order to be there for their child.

In honor of these moms and mothers everywhere as well as our franchisees who took time during one of the busiest weeks of the year to make this happen, I wanted to say Thank You!

Here are a few photographs from some of those deliveries yesterday for you to enjoy.

Los Angeles
New York City
South Florida
Washington, DC


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