How many people in life actually fulfill their dreams? I don’t have a number, but I have an idea that those who do are the ones who don’t just dream about what they want – they take action to get it. A common dream in the business world is the dream of owning your own business, being your own boss and creating an enterprise that gives you the financial and professional rewards you deserve.

And those attainable dreams are the reasons that many entrepreneurs who want their own business are attracted to franchising. It’s the perfect way to own your own enterprise and at the same time reap the many significant benefits of being something bigger. Leveraged marketing dollars, brand recognition, reputation and product reliability are just some of the benefits of buying into a successful franchise. Let me share a typical story from one of our recent additions to the Edible Arrangements family:

Pallavi was impressed with Edible Arrangements when she first experienced the product at a baby shower – beautiful, delicious and fresh. She tucked the experience away and when it was time for her to buy a gift, her positive Edible Arrangements experience came back to her. When her children were in school full time, she starting to think about getting a job, but that dream of owning something of her own was still in the back of her mind. Searching a business website, she came across Edible Arrangements again, and remembered her positive experiences once more. This time, the dream started to take shape. Her father owns several businesses in Pallavi’s hometown and she was confident that that early exposure to blending business and family life would work for her – she understood the commitment and passion that are necessary for a business to succeed. Pallavi’s decision to buy into the Edible Arrangements concept and open her first store in Lafayette, LA was easy for her – she enjoys the product herself, and believes in doing something that promotes healthy lifestyles. And she likes the idea that the products she sells make people happy.

And so, a dream of owning a business comes true. All you need is passion and commitment to your concept. And to stop dreaming and start doing!

Pallovi with her husband Steven
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