Leanne and her husband MarshallLeanne’s sister in Ontario first learned about Edible Arrangements when she drove by a store She decided to stop in and bought an arrangement. She knew that Leanne and her husband Marshall were looking for a business to buy, and Leanne’s sister thought Edible Arrangements was a good fit for them. Leanne’s reaction when she first saw the arrangement was, “Wow” . . . just like our mission statement promises! Leanne and Marshall researched the company and they liked what they learned about the business and the opportunities for growth. As part of their research they talked with some current franchise owners who, as Leanne puts it, “had a lot of great things to say about the franchise.” They plan to open their first store in Vancouver, British Columbia and are excited about the growth potential because there are no Edible Arrangements stores in the area. They plan to sign an agreement for a second store in six months, and they see even more stores in the Vancouver/Richmond /Burnaby area in their future.

Marshall is a realtor and he intends to continue to sell real estate while helping Leanne run the store. He also managed his family’s retail business, so that experience will come in handy in this new venture. Leanne has an accounting and finance background that will be a great asset in managing their enterprise. She also has experience managing her family’s restaurants so she is no stranger to the food industry or the importance of customer service.

Leanne and Marshall have already begun shopping for the perfect Edible Arrangements location to attract walk in customers. Marshall’s real estate experience and Leanne’s sense of the type of place and ambiance that customers want to experience will be big assets for them in their quest for the right retail destination. In addition to our signature arrangements, Leanne and Marshall plan to offer the all natural fresh fruit beverages, sundaes, parfaits and salads in our grab and go product line, Edible To Go.

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