For the Goods, Franchising Is a Family Affair

It can truly be said that a franchise is only as successful as its franchisees. I’ve always believed that hard work and dedication pay off—in fact, I’m living proof of that. So when I see those qualities in our franchisees, it gives me great hope for the future of Edible Arrangements International.

Each franchisee has their own story, and I never get tired of hearing them—in fact, we recently launched an entire website devoted to personally profiling our excellent owners:

We recently welcomed new franchisees to Lafayette, Indiana, with quite a heartwarming story of their own. Kathy and Jeff Good have brought their two families together, and are now putting their heads together to make their brand new franchise location the best it can possibly be.

Kathy has a background in both the food service industry and the real estate industry—two worlds that have no doubt prepared her for much of what comes with getting established as a new Edible Arrangements franchisee. Her husband Jeff comes from a strong retail background, with more than 30 years experience. Together they have the kinds of tools that budding entrepreneurs need to succeed.

But while business savvy and experience are certainly important, it takes more than that. You need a certain amount of heart and passion for the business. It takes a special kind of dedicated person. And I find that often those who bring great integrity, drive and positivity to their personal lives are the ones with the greatest chance of success.

Kathy and Jeff first met in 2002, and they married four years later. By doing do, they also joined their families together, since they both have three sons each. They’re now raising five of those six boys together, as well as caring for Kathy’s grandmother, who lives with them. Kathy and Jeff are undoubtedly two people who know a lot about responsibility, but also undoubtedly know a lot about the satisfaction and rewards that comes from living up to responsibilities.

With their two youngest boys approaching college age, Kathy and Jeff fully intend to make their business a family business, and plan to have all the boys pitch in as much as possible during college breaks. With committed parents like Kathy and Jeff leading the way, I have no doubt the boys will be happy to join in.

Kathy and Jeff Good had been hoping to open their own franchised business for the past four years. After careful research, they finally decided on Edible Arrangements, and I’m very glad they did. I wish them tremendous success in their endeavor, and hope their family work ethic will serve as an inspiration to other franchisees, both current and future.

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