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The future of journalism is strong with programs like CPBN’s media lab!

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The future of journalism is very bright with young interns such as these that are part of the Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network’s Media Lab program.

As in many states, Connecticut has a wonderful public broadcasting system that provides important and interesting programming on both radio, television and, of course, over the Internet. The Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network (CPBN) consists of WNPR and CPTV.

I was honored to be recently be interviewed by young interns of Media Lab, a program of CPBN. Media Lab’s goal is to create 21st century journalists and train instructors to pass this gift forward.

These young people blew me away! They were so thorough, professional and inquisitive in their work that this was one of the most enjoyable interviews I have had the pleasure to do.

The Media Lab interview on YouTube can be viewed by clicking here.

I have been interviewed by many journalists over the years and based on my experience with CPBN’s Media Lab, the future of journalism is very bright!

Media Lab can also be followed on Twitter @CPBNMediaLab and their Facebook page is here.



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