Fred has taken ownership of his second Edible Arrangements store in Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. He opened his first location, also in Mississauga in April of 2010. It was obviously the right choice. In July of 2011, Fred was awarded the “Pineapple Star” award for Canada, one of Edible Arrangements prestigious awarded presented each year at the annual Edible Arrangements Convention. Why did he win this word? Because his passionate about his work -and life. I’ve always believed that if you are passionate in what you do, you will succeed. Fred is the perfect example of a passionate person, as well as an amazing person and franchisee.

While Fred works with fruit now, his background traces to the very soil his products come from! He earned his undergraduate degree in Physical Geography and Geology, and did graduate work-in soil science. Fred then worked in the educational publishing industry, and the not for profit sector working for industry trade associations and community organizations.

When Fred decided to look for franchise opportunities, he did what most researchers do – started on the internet. Fred discovered the Edible Arrangements concepts, and was immediately drawn to the healthy nature of the product, which can be hard to find in a food franchise. He was further attracted by the uniqueness of the concept in the marketplace and the fact that Edible Arrangements has no direct competitors. Fred and his wife, a Registered Nurse, have two children and a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

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