• Edible Arrangements

There have been quite a few exciting announcements here at Edible in the last few months – from our second headquarters in Atlanta to the delicious launch of our new granny smith apple donuts. These are just a few of the recent developments that point to a new energy and vibrant creative direction across our organization.

And today, I invite you to embrace another exciting announcement, as we welcome Mike Rotondo as our new Chief Executive Officer. In Mike we have a great champion for our organization. He understands, appreciates, and embraces the exciting future for our franchise network.

This is especially noteworthy as it is the first time we have brought on a CEO, as I have served in this position since founding Edible. Mike is the perfect person to take over these duties, as I move towards expanding our Edible brands.

Mike has arrived at a pivotal time for Edible, as we are in the midst of a rebranding program that will build upon our legacy and simultaneously strengthen our future position with consumers. While we will always offer Edible arrangements — it is the core of our company and the gifting business we know so well — we are in the process of offering more and more treats for our guests, including donuts, dipped fruits, and more. We are also expanding our franchise development goals, something Mike will also spearhead as he brings years of expertise and strategic vision in helping franchisors successfully advance to the next level.

And as we continue to transition into Edible’s next chapter, one thing will never change. I continue to be incredibly grateful for all of our hardworking franchisees and team members without whom our continued success would not be possible.

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