Our company reached a huge milestone yesterday. We opened our 1,000th Edible Arrangements store yesterday, April 4, in Cranston, RI. Even though it was our 1,000th it felt like the very first franchise location that opened in Waltham, MA only twelve short years ago, and I was thrilled that the owner of the first store, Chris Dellamarggio, was there to help us celebrate.

The excitement in the community was infectious and atmosphere for the ribbon cutting electric. And this store is what I would like to call the model store as it showcases the evolution of the Edible Arrangements brand. The Cranston Edible Arrangements store, owned and operated by 2011 Franchisees of the Year Ted and Deb Kostisin, two of our most talented and respected franchisee partners, combines our world famous bouquets and our Edible To Go® fresh fruit snacks and treats product line. Ted, Deb and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to see customers and guests sampling our dipped fruit, fresh fruit smoothies, pineapple pops, fruit salads and other treats made from fresh fruit.

I never imaged that Edible Arrangements would be 1,000 stores strong and its products enjoyed throughout the world. It is truly a dream come true for my brother, Kamran, and I. However, it is the tenacity, hard-work and ingenuity of our franchisees, your neighbors, that built this brand that you have come to enjoy. They too had a dream, to be independent owners and operators of their very own businesses, and create a community based beloved brand that makes life a little sweeter for so many.

Chris, Tariq, Deb and Ted
Chris, Ted, Mayor Fung, Deb, Tariq
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