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“Bread for Life” continues the tradition of neighbors helping neighbors

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Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at the Southington Business Forum organized by the Southington Economic Development Department and the Southington Chamber of Commerce.

Tariq Farid with Bread For Life board members.
Friends and Bread for Life board members (from left) Chairman Mike Soltys, Executive Director Eldon Hafford and Treasurer Dave Donnelley have built an organization that is a shining example of neighbors helping neighbors.

The appearance gave me the opportunity to visit with Eldon Hafford who is the Executive Director of Bread for Life, a nonprofit organization supported by the Tariq Farid Foundation, and one of those organizations that inspires me with their commitment to their community.

I have always believed that neighbors should come together to help those in need, and it’s clear that the people of Southington do this through Bread For Life, which believes that no one in their town should go hungry. Bread for Life currently serves an average of 125 meals each weekday, through its downtown lunch site and through meal delivery to seniors and the homebound.

In this age, it is rare to find groups that still deliver meals to people’s homes and visit with them. It reminds me of my mother who was always encouraging me and my brothers and sisters to deliver her home-cooked food to our neighbors when we first moved to the U.S.

Sadly, the demand for Bread for Life’s services has grown and that is why the Tariq Farid Foundation was happy to support the organization with an $8,000 grant. The organization relies heavily on volunteers who organize food drives, pick up food donations, stock the warehouse, prepare and serve food, clean the kitchen, and transport meals. In addition to volunteers, the organization continually seeks food donations.

If you would like to join us in providing your support, you can learn more about Bread for Life at or by calling (860) 276-8389.


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