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Need Edible Arrangements? There’s an app for that!

It’s an exciting time for Edible Arrangements. This week we released our own app and the response has exceeded all expectations as our fans have quickly embraced the technology. So much so, that iTunes had us featured as a favorite new app within days of its release.

This app is a direct result of the hard work of Edible Arrangements staff, and their dedication to our commitment of utilizing technology to enhance customer experiences, as we have strived to do since the early days of Edible Arrangements. 
Edible Arrangements AppAnd our customers played an important role in the app’s development. Based on consumer feedback, we found that our customers are on the go, and they prefer to use services that can meet their needs as they are on the move. We are very excited to offer an easy and convenient way of ordering arrangements and gifts straight from a mobile device!
Available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play, the many features available in the app include:
  • Upon signing in, the app immediately recognizes returning users and reminds them of current promotions and rewards they may have accumulated. 
  • Integration with popular map applications quickly identifies the nearest Edible Arrangements location.
  • The “Gift Finder” feature helps customers select the ideal gift by making recommendations based on their responses to a series of prompts.
  • Customers can select recipients for delivery straight from their phone’s contact list.
  • Payment can be made through PayPal or by simply taking a photo of a credit card using the device’s camera. The credit card token can then be saved securely in the app for future use.
  • Confirmation notifications will be sent to the app when orders have been delivered or when the item is ready for pick up.
My greatest thanks to the many hardworking and dedicated Edible Arrangements staff members who made this app possible. The app release is yet another reminder of how special the team is here at Edible Arrangements!
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