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As I have said many times, I deeply believe that with success comes a responsibility to give back to your community. It is not just a personal value but a value that is shared by the entire Edible Arrangements family. It is the reason we created our Edible Cares program and the reason that Asma and I created the The Tariq Farid Foundation.

We didn’t create these programs for recognition, but rather because we believe that they are important. When we are recognized for our work, however, it is much appreciated and that was the case recently when I traveled to Washington, D.C., to accept the Franchising Gives Back Gold Award from the International Franchise Association (IFA) on behalf of everyone involved in Edible Arrangements and the Tariq Farid Foundation.

We established Edible Cares as a corporate philanthropic program after hearing stories of people in our local stores who were struggling and facing tough times because of a personal or family crisis. Because we consider every employee a part of our family, we created the program to provide resources and support for these individuals in order to ease their burden and help them through their hard times.

The IFA also recognized our commitment to giving back because our corporate employees and franchisees are actively involved in serving their communities with both monetary donations and volunteer work.  I am so touched when I hear stories or see firsthand how they give of themselves to help others.

In addition to the philanthropic work of the Edible Arrangements team, I also felt it important to do something personally. That’s why Asma and I created the The Tariq Farid Foundation in 2013 with a mission to alleviate suffering by providing for the basic needs of food and healthcare, and to improve lives through the support of education and skill development opportunities. We’ve been able to offer our support to many worthwhile organizations, mainly in our home state of Connecticut, who are helping individuals and families reach their full potential.  The staff of these organizations—and the people they serve—are everyday heroes.

This following video provides a small example of our support for our communities.

Thank you again to the International Franchise Association for this recognition and your $5,000 contribution to the Edible Cares fund. This donation will allow us to help many families when they need it most.

And thank you to everyone at Edible Arrangements for your commitment to your communities. The world is a better place because of the work you do.

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