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Reflecting on a turning point for me and Edible Arrangements


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As an entrepreneur, it’s often very easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day whirlwind of business that there is little time for reflection. That’s why I so enjoyed my recent interview with Chris Beier of Inc. magazine.

The interview offered me a chance to revisit the early days of Edible Arrangements. It was a time when we were experiencing dramatic growth and I, as is not uncommon for anyone trying to build a business, was experiencing self-doubt about whether I was the right person to lead the company forward at such an important time.

As I share with Chris on the following interview, I had to go through a process but the lessons I learned from the experience have remained with me through today.

I am grateful to Chris and Inc. for giving me the opportunity to reflect on this turning point in my career.  Looking back, it may have been the best moment in my business life. After I stopped doubting myself, I found a renewed level of energy and even got a new pep in my step!

And that is why I want to share this interview with you. Everyone eventually faces a period of self-doubt and perhaps my story will help you overcome yours when that time comes.

Tariq Farid CEO Edible Arrangements

Click Here To Watch The Interview

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