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It has always been my philosophy that companies don’t just serve their customers, they have an obligation to serve their entire communities, as well. That’s why philanthropy plays an important role in all my companies, especially Edible Arrangements®.

And another wonderful example of this happened when franchisees in North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Florida joined forces to raise money for victims of Hurricanes Florence and Michael.

Last September, you may remember, Hurricane Florence caused catastrophic damage throughout the Carolinas. Franchisees in North Carolina and South Carolina originally rallied to volunteer time and donate fruit to those affected by the disaster in their communities. While these efforts had an impact, the franchisees wanted to do more. That’s why the 48 Edible Arrangements® locations in the Carolinas partnered to donate a portion of sales to raise $9,369 benefiting the Foundation for The Carolinas (FFTC) Hurricane Florence Response Fund.

You may also remember that less than a month after Hurricane Florence pounded the Carolinas, Hurricane Michael brought even more devastation across Florida and Texas. To assist these hard-hit areas, more than 160 Edible Arrangements® stores across those two states teamed to raise $28,741 by donating a portion of sales to the Global Giving Hurricane Michael Relief Fund.

Franchisees in all four of these states witnessed firsthand the devastation and destruction caused by the two hurricanes in and in some cases were even victims themselves. And even though months have passed since the storms hit, their communities are still trying to recover, and they all stepped up to help.

Whether offering support for victims of a natural disaster, providing fresh fruit for food banks or any of the many other programs our franchisees have been a part of, I am very proud of the way Edible Arrangements® franchisees continue to come to the aid of their communities.




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