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Celebrating “Momible” Moments this Mother’s Day

posted by Tariq Farid May 9, 2018

I try to take every opportunity I get to honor my Mother. Throughout my life she was always an incredible supporter. No matter how big my dreams got, she was always there to not only share words of belief and encouragement, but also to lend a helping hand whenever I needed one.

It’s because of her encouraging words and helping hands that Edible ever got started. When everyone told me this idea I had would never work, she gave me the confidence I needed. She always told me that she knew I was headed for something big. When I was in high school trying to get my business off the ground, it was my mom who worked in the shop until I could get home from school. It’s that kind of unwavering support that allowed my dreams to come true.

Fast forward to many years later, Edible is now a flourishing franchise with over 1,200 locations around the world. None of this could have been possible without every piece of advice my mom shared and every hour she spend helping me to assemble my first arrangements. It turns out that moms really do know best, and I’m so glad I listened to mine!

Each year as I reflect on the influential role my mother had in my life, I look for ways to honor her and share her legacy. This year I found a special way to do just that.

Timely for Mother’s Day, you probably noticed that last week Edible kicked off an “ible” campaign to help celebrate both the small everyday victories and life’s most precious moments. As the campaign will show, there are many “ibles” that Edible compasses. Edible is shareible, giftible and lovible. But, my favorite by far is that Edible is momible.

To celebrate this, we visited a place where every day is Mother’s Day. We visited three hospital maternity wards, bringing “Deliveries for Deliveries” to help welcome new bundles of joy in the most lovible and momible way we can, with a sweet surprise!


As this video shows, the momible bond is something very special. I’m thankful to have had such a strong one, and I love celebrating these kind of momible moments!

I hope you spend the weekend to honor and cherish the special women in your life in a momible way.

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Giving back to the community she calls home

posted by Alicia Thompson February 9, 2018

Two years ago, Junior Achievement of Southwest New England inducted me into their Business Hall of Fame. It was a wonderful honor and made special because my children were there to see me accept the award. It’s no secret that I got the entrepreneurial bug at a young age. I believe it is one of our greatest responsibilities to inspire and educate the next generation.

This week, the JA torch was passed to my oldest daughter Somia, a director here at Edible. JA announced her appointment to  the organization’s New Haven Advisory Board. I know that she will make a positive impact and continue to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.

As Somia tells it: “I’ve grown up in an entrepreneurial family. I admire innovation and education. I’m honored to be joining the board and contributing to empowering young people through JA programs. To be able to do this in the community that I call home is special to me.”

I think it’s special as well. Congratulations!







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My interview with Tyler Mathisen

posted by Alicia Thompson January 2, 2018

Media interviews are important and have really helped to spread the story and brand of Edible Arrangements. The interview I did with Tyler Mathisen of the “Nightly Business Report” was a thrill. My oldest daughter Somia was also part of the interview.  This is the full show.  My interview begins around the 22-minute mark.  Please watch and let me know what you think.

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Giving Back to the Community

posted by Alicia Thompson December 28, 2017

This month, Edible Arrangement employees from the home office in Wallingford gave back to the local community.

The team collected hats, scarfs and mittens for Manna Inc. Food Pantry & Resource Center in Wallingford (left.)


The team also donated money to support the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness ‘Be homeful’ campaign (center )  and others volunteered their time at the Connecticut Food Bank filling food boxes for hungry families (bottom left).

Proud so see the team spreading kindness and joy this holiday season.

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Providing Training & Support for Local Refugee Entrepreneurs

posted by Alicia Thompson December 20, 2017

While the refugee crisis has captured news coverage, the state of Connecticut has received displaced people for several years.  This story is about how an investment from several community philanthropists, including the Tariq and Asma Farid Foundation, are giving inspiration to eight refugees who are eager to become food entrepreneurs in New Haven.

The eight, who came from Syria, Afghanistan and Sudan, are participants in a new program called Kitchen Incubator, organized by CitySeed of New Haven. They are training to start a food business. The course also covers subjects in finance, marketing, legal and food safety.

Throughout the 10-week program participants are paired with an experienced mentor in small business management and have access to CitySeed’s commercial kitchen space for food preparation and testing.

On a recent Saturday morning, , participants were busy understanding product development.  Working with their mentor, the participants reviewed the items needed for their own recipes and listed how many of each item was required.

“How many pounds of carrots will you need to buy if you make this dish to serve 10 people? What about the parsley and garlic for the tabouli, how much?” asked the mentor as he typed the ingredients into a spreadsheet.

“Three pounds, four bunches of parsley and three cloves,” replied the woman.

Using the spreadsheet, participants could see the volume of food they need to buy while understanding how to set prices for the product they would eventually sell.  Future lessons include labeling, food safety and testing products with local chefs.

“Food brings cultures and people together,” observed Asma Farid, director of the Farid Foundation. “We hope participants get training and confidence to become food entrepreneurs and hopefully launch their own businesses.”