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Edible franchisees prove that the comeback can be stronger than the setback

posted by Tariq Farid April 15, 2020

This past Easter weekend reminded me of my very first Easter as a small business owner. I learned a valuable lesson then that remains as true today as it did over two decades ago — the comeback is always stronger than the setback. 

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Edible ArrangementsEntrepreneurshipFranchising and Franchisees

Numbers never tell the whole story

posted by Tariq Farid February 27, 2020

One of the things I’ve learned over the years as an entrepreneur is that even when you think you know what it’s going to take to make a business successful, there are always unexpected surprises.

I was reminded of that recently as we prepared for and then delivered on our single busiest day of the year, Valentine’s Day. In fact, it turned out to be the single busiest day in our company’s 20-year history!

Taken in total, the numbers are almost unimaginable. Over 275,000 arrangements delivered from coast to coast. More than 14 million strawberries, many dipped in thousands of pounds of chocolate. We shipped over 340,000 decorative boxes as well as vases and other items that make our arrangements so special.

But the numbers don’t come close to telling the whole story.

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Edible® Brands Announces Major Organizational Changes to Spearhead New Brand Initiatives for 2020
Edible ArrangementsFranchising and Franchisees

Welcoming New Leadership for a Brand Evolution

posted by Tariq Farid October 30, 2019

When I launched Edible Arrangements® in 1999, I was full of passion and ready to WOW our customers. I don’t mean that I just wanted them to be excited or impressed, I literally wanted them to say “WOW” when they received a treat from us. 

And even though 20 years have passed, I am still just as passionate about delivering a WOW-worthy moment to customers today. 

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Edible Franchisees Join Forces for a Common Cause
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Edible Franchisees Join Forces for a Common Cause

posted by Tariq Farid March 27, 2019

It has always been my philosophy that companies don’t just serve their customers, they have an obligation to serve their entire communities, as well. That’s why philanthropy plays an important role in all my companies, especially Edible Arrangements®.

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Celebrating One Year in IFA’s Hall of Fame

posted by Tariq Farid February 28, 2019

This week, the International Franchise Association (IFA) held their annual conference and I marked one year since I was granted the honor of joining the IFA’s Hall of Fame. It was an incredibly humbling experience to be given this award after such a long entrepreneurial journey.

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